WordPress Training in rajkot

About Wordpress Course

Wordpress is the most used and know content management system in the world, the best part of wordpress is it is free, which makes it available for everyone who wants to create content over internet, the user will need to secure the hosting and a domain name before using, due to versatility of the system it is highly flexible and customizable, the developer can use many plugins and extensions which makes it easy to use and understand and create the website accordingly, wordpress can adjust in any size as long as the web hosting has all the resources needed, anyone with even a little technical knowledge can create website over wordpress,they can use codes too but it is not necessary.

Course Duration 6 Months

Daily Time 2 Hours

Course Modules

  • Installing And Configuring.
  • Customize And Installing Themes & Plugin.
  • HTML To WordPress Converting.

How does wordpress works? How it can helps your business?

An overview about the wordpress works is,(PHP Training in Ahmedabad) it begins with installing wordpress core files which will help the wordpress work, installing wordpress with database is important or if you are setting up the wordpress manually you’ll have to create a database, do not try and change the database even if the wordpress allows you to do so, it creates a real risk and can just break your website and it is very difficult to undo, along with theses you can download extra extensions and plugins to create your website more user friendly, you can use admin screen or dashboard to make changes in your website without editing or changing the codes, when you initially create your website try exploring the admin screen experimenting with the tools there can help you create a unique and user friendly website

Why to choose wordpress as a CMS for your site?

Wordpress is a no cost content management system, the only cost it endures is the cost of registration, domain name, hosting, you can use paid plugins too, but to save cost there are ample of free plugins and extensions available, wordpress is wholly scalable and flexible, the wordpress don’t have drag and drop tools but it has many tools which are user friendly and can be used to make the website, as wordpress begin with blogging system the management system is excellent, due to this it helps customizing the website searchability, making is a good SEO practice, at Red and white institute with the help of experts and professionals we provide the best understanding of wordpress. You can also enroll for Bootstrap Training in Rajkot.

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