Node JS Training in rajkot

About NodeJs Course

In straightforward terms, this means whole locales can be run utilizing a brought together 'stack', which makes improvement and upkeep speedy and simple, permitting you to zero in on gathering the business objectives of the venture. You can enroll for Node JS Training in Amreli.

Course Duration 12 Months

Daily Time 2 Hours

Included In This Course

  • Job Support
  • Rich Learning Content
  • Taught by Experienced Prof.
  • Industry Orientd Projects

Course Modules


  • Understanding Developer Tools And Setup Nodejs Environment
  • Installing NPM(Globally & Locally)
  • Understanding Event Emitter & REPL and CMD
  • Make server with node js and Handle http REQUEST and RESPONSE
  • How to attach Server Static Resources & Middleware & File Streaming
  • Different Types of web Application Frameworks (Express, Koa, Hapi, Others)
  • Understanding MVC Framework Express JS
  • Setup MongoDB and Connect with Nodejs
  • Chat Application with SOCKET IO
  • Debugging of Node Js application
  • Deployment Project In Heroku



3 Months

Node.js Course Overview

A NodeJs application runs in a solitary cycle, without making another string for each solicitation. Node.js gives a bunch of nonconcurrent I/O natives in standard library forestall JavaScript code from hindering and for the most part, libraries in Node.js are composed utilizing non-hindering standards, making impeding conduct the special case instead of the standard. You can also learn various languages like php course in rajkot. Enroll today.

Why is NodeJs so popular?

At the point when NodeJs was made it had the option to tackle the issue Apache had. It offered adaptability and equal code execution. It presented another rationale and approach for JavaScript server-side turn of events. It presented utilization of a solitary strung occasion circle model. A solitary string is utilized to play out all solicitations.

What types of apps can you build using NodeJs?

  • Online payment solutions
  • Social media platform
  • Streaming services like Netflix
  • E-Commerce platform
  • Online publishing platform
  • Online education platforms
  • Visual collaboration tools

Introduction of Node.js

  • Setup Development Environment
  • Node JS Modules
  • Node Package Manager
  • Creating Web Server
  • File System
  • Many more……..

Advantages of Node.js

  • Outsourcing Company Requirement & Demand
  • Powerful Understanding of Student is Required
  • Latest Web Developing Tool Form Security Side
  • Angular JS is Suitable for Node.js

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