C language Classes in Rajkot

About C Programming Course

C programming language is a procedural language that executes the instructions step by step. One of the best parts is you can easily move a C program fromṣ one platform to another without any cost or the bare minimum. C programming is a comparatively faster language than Java, Python, and such. C programming language is seen to be used in developing operating systems, databases, embedded systems, and such. You can join python training in Rajkot at rednwhite institute.

Course Duration 3 Months

Daily Time2 Hours

Course Modules

C Programming Syllabus

  • C Programming Course Module
  • Intro. Of C.
  • History & Structure Of C.
  • Compile And Run Command.
  • Variable & Data Type.
  • Constant & Operator.
  • Decision Making & Control Statement.
  • Local & Global Variable.
  • Loops (While, Do While & For).
  • Array( 1D & 2D And Multi Dimensional).
  • String & String Function.
  • Function & Pointers.
  • General Expenses Entry.
  • Pointer To Arrays.
  • Pointer To Functions.
  • Dynamic Memory Allocation.
  • File Handling & Management.
  • Header File.
  • Maths, Date & Times Function.
  • Operations On Bits.
  • Console Input & Output Function.

C++ Programming Syllabus

C language or C programming helps you understand the architecture of the computer. How the computer retrieves the information and how it stores it. If you have skilled yourself in this language you can easily learn other languages like Java and python. Many largest open source projects are written in C programming which gives you many opportunities to work on these open -sources. Some of these open sources are Python Interpreter, Linux kernel, and SQLite.

About Course :

If you are a programmer and you don’t know C then you just are a programmer, not someone who creates a difference. C programming language is a fundamental language that is widely used. If you are someone who is looking for a skilled programming career having C language in one of your skills set can be a great advantage. If we talk about the reliability and trust of these languages, it has been in the IT industry for around 50 years. This states the company has lasted years and evolved accordinging. With the latest trends and demands.

For those who know computer coding, language will always be in high demand, if they understand the problem and know how to solve it with their critical thinking. This coding language is universally accepted as many other languages are performed in C programming. We also enroll for C Programming Training in Amreli.

The uses of these languages are seen when electrical engineering are also used to process the algorithms f+of microcontrollers, microprocessors, and such circuit projects. C programming language is a middle level language which works and connects well with both the upper and lower level languages. It even helps in scripting languages for software applications.

Here at Red and White you'll find everything you will what to know about this language. You’ll get amazing resources and very flexible timing for your clasṣes. Also enroll for IOS Training in Rajkot.

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