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3Ds Max Training in Rajkot

About 3D Max Training Course

3D Max is a PC illustrations program for making 3D models, movements, and computerized pictures. It's perhaps of the most famous program in the PC designs industry and is notable for having a vigorous toolset for 3D artists. Red and White Education Foundation's ISO certification further improves its placement in all Rajkot Autodesk training facilities. We also offer web design course in rajkot which has a bright future ahead.

3Ds Max Course in Rajkot

3Ds Max Software Module

  • Software Module
  • Selection, Transformation & Modify Tools.
  • Modifiers.
  • Poly, Mesh, Surface & Patch Modeling.
  • Create 3D Interior Design Model
  • Design Bed Room With Furniture Design
  • 2D Shaping Tool
  • Creating Plan & Elevation On CAD
  • Create Complete Complex/Banglows/Row-House 3D Elevation
  • Texture Mapping & Material
  • Create Texture Map in Photoshop
  • Lighting For Interior, Day & Night View
  • Create Day & Night View Of Complex/Banglows Society
  • Object Animation
  • Concept Of Animation & Control Time Line
  • Curve Editor & Modifier Animation
  • Particle System.
  • Creating Animation Object Like(Human, Car, Fan, Water fall…etc)
  • Working With Camera & Creating Animation Walkthrough
  • General Animation Demo
  • Scanline & Mental-Ray Rendering