AngularJS Training in Navsari

About Angular JS Course

A Javascript framework called AngularJs is used to create Single Page Applications (SPAs). This one page is in the index.html format. We can create dynamic, rich, and quick SPAs with AngularJS. In addition to stateless controllers, Angular also offers deep linking for dynamic pages, directives, and MVVM (Models View Model Objects) to the rescue. Making effective web apps uses this.

With the aid of Angular, developers can quickly build responsive single-page web apps. that, rather than creating a new page in response to each request, dynamically rewrites portions of the existing page. Angular course is tailored to your team's requirements, objectives, and degree of expertise. Expert trainers make up our teachers. Experts in Angular provide fun, interactive learning. The goal is to increase retention and provide your staff the opportunity to utilize their abilities straight immediately at work.

Course Duration 2.5 Months

Course Duration 2 Hours

Course Module

Angular JS

  • Angular Importance and Installing NPM
  • Understanding Directory Structures
  • Understanding Data Binding and ng Serve Commands
  • Working With MVC(Model, View, Controller)
  • Scope and filtering(Custome filter)
  • Working with tables and select
  • Working With (HTTP) Request and Response
  • Working with DOM & ng events
  • Understanding Form and Validations
  • Understanding SQL with Angular
  • Working with Routings & Services
  • Setup Custome Template
  • Working with API and Request
    • Included in Career & Master Course
    • Personality Development
    • Entrepreneur & Freelancing

Javascript, Angular


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