DaVinci Resolve Course

Master the fundamental features and functionalities of DaVinci Resolve with our comprehensive course, ensuring a strong foundation in professional video editing.

Job Support

On average, Video Editors earn up to 10 Lakhs annually

Learn Professional Video Editing and Color Grading with 100% hands-on practical training

Master the art of video editing and color grading with our DaVinci Resolve course. Gain the skills necessary to work professionally as an editor or freelancer, and unleash your creativity to produce stunning video projects.

About the Lead Instructor and Trainer

Mohit Rajput is a seasoned video editor and color grader behind some of the most acclaimed projects in the industry. With years of experience, he brings practical insights and expertise to our DaVinci Resolve course, ensuring every student learns from the best.

Under his mentorship, numerous students have gone on to achieve success in the field, applying their skills to high-profile projects and building fulfilling careers in video editing and production.

Mohit Rajput

(Video Editor & Color Grader)

Course Overview

  • program-iconMaster video editing and color grading in DaVinci Resolve
  • program-iconLearn essential editing tools for creating professional videos
  • program-iconUnderstand advanced features and techniques for precise editing
  • program-iconDevelop skills in color correction and grading for cinematic effects
  • program-iconLearn techniques for efficient media management and project organization
  • program-iconHands-on projects and assignments to reinforce learning
  • program-iconPractical exercises and real-world case studies
  • program-iconExplore advanced editing techniques such as multi-camera editing and audio post-production
  • program-iconLearn to add titles, transitions, and effects to enhance your videos
  • program-iconUnderstand the process of exporting and delivering final projects for various platforms

Course Module

Introduction and Basic Editing
  • Introduction to DaVinci Resolve
    • Overview of the software
    • Setting up a project
    • Interface tour
    • Importing media
  • Basic Editing Techniques.
    • Timeline basics
    • Cutting, trimming, and rearranging clips
    • Basic transitions
    • CRUD operation with xampp
  • Introduction to Color Grading
    • Timeline basics
    • Cutting, trimming, and rearranging clips
    • Basic transitions
    • CRUD operation with xampp
Advanced Basic Features
  • Working with Effects and Titles
    • Applying effects
    • Creating and animating titles
    • Using keyframes
  • Audio Editing Basics
    • Audio track management
    • Basic audio effects
    • Synchronizing audio and video
  • Delivering the Final Product
    • Export settings
    • Rendering for different platforms
    • Quality settings
Advanced Editing and Effects
  • Advanced Editing Techniques
    • Multicam editing
    • Dynamic trimming
    • Speed changes and retiming
  • Advanced Color Grading Techniques
    • Secondary colour correction
    • Power windows
    • Tracking and stabilisation
  • Audio Mixing and Effects
    • Advanced audio effects
    • Noise reduction
    • Mixing and mastering
Specialized Projects
  • Song Making and Editing
    • Syncing video with music
    • Creative audio effects
    • Beat detection and video cuts
  • Pre-Wedding and Event Editing
    • Narrative structure
    • Enhancing romantic scenes
    • Highlight reels
  • Documentary Editing
    • Working with interviews
    • B-roll management
    • Storytelling techniques
Mastering Color Grading
  • Introduction to Film Grading
    • Film grading techniques
    • Emulating film looks
    • LUTs and color spaces
  • Advanced Film Grading
    • Scene matching
    • Creative looks
    • Advanced tracking and keying
Cinematic Techniques
  • Cinematic Editing Techniques
    • Advanced transitions
    • Visual storytelling
    • Enhancing drama and emotion
  • Advanced Effects and Compositing
    • Fusion basics
    • Compositing techniques
    • Motion graphics
Professional Workflow
  • Project Management and Collaboration
    • Working with large projects
    • Collaborative editing
    • Media management
  • Workflow Optimization
    • Keyboard shortcuts and efficiency
    • Customizing the workspace
    • Backup and archiving strategies
Capstone Project
  • Final Project Planning
    • Choosing a project
    • Planning and pre-production
    • Setting goals and milestones
  • Capstone Project Execution
    • Capstone Project Execution
    • Instructor feedback and guidance
    • Final presentation and critique

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