Red and White Multimedia Education Organized Designers Meetup 3.0

Red and White Multimedia Education Organized Designers Meetup 3.0

Designers Meetup 3.0

We are excited to announce that we successfully hosted a lightning talk session on the 06th Nov
2022 evening from 10.00 AM to 02.00 PM at Red & White Multimedia Education 4th Floor,
BBC Complex, Nr. Savaliya Circle, Yogi Chowk, Surat-395010. Thank you if you came by.
You must have learnt what it means to be a designer at Friends & Figma, the scope of UX design
and its impact on businesses, and projects we have been working on, or taken part in our
discussion on building products and services that are accessible to everyone. We hope you find
the event even more helpful.

Anirudh Palaskar was the speaker in the show who is active in the field of UI/UX Designing. He
is also the Head of Product Design. He spoke at the event on the importance of designing and
how to take advantage of design opportunities.
Importance of UX Design
UX Design is the process of designing products, systems, and services with a focus on how
people can use them. It is an essential part of the design process because it focuses on the
experience of using whatever has been designed.

This is especially important in digital products, where users interact with software instead of
physical objects.
The future of designing

The future of design takes time to predict. With so many technologies coming out at such fast
rates, it is hard to keep up.

But one thing is for sure: the design will always be necessary. Designers have an excellent
opportunity to shape the tools we use every day and make them more efficient, intuitive, and fun.

We are excited about how designers are beginning to collaborate with scientists, engineers, and
other creators in new ways. Collaboration has never been more essential than it is today.
Importance of Meetups and community
There are many benefits of attending meetups and community events. At these events, you can
network with people with the same interests as you, learn about what other people are doing in
your industry, and find new opportunities that may not be available.

While it may seem intimidating to attend your first meetup, the truth is that they are a fantastic
way to connect with people in the design community. You will find designers of all skill levels
and backgrounds there, which means you will have plenty of people to talk to, ask questions, and
learn from. Plus, you never know what might happen. You could meet your next collaborator or
employer at one of these events.

Figma hosted Designer Meetup 3.0 on the 06th Nov 2022 evening from 10.00 AM to 02.00 PM.
It was successful, and you all must have had fun out there. We also met some fantastic design
colleagues and enjoyed yummy food, photos, and social media engagement with fellow

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