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About Angular JS Course

AngularJS is a JavaScript-based open-source front-end web framework for developing single-page applications. A well-liked JavaScript framework for building strong and capable MVC-based online applications, AngularJS for beginners is used by developers all over the world. The display layer, data layer, and business logic layer may all be separate using AngularJS. Using HTML as a template language, it improves its syntax to generate various application components. Reducing the amount of code is also made easier by the capabilities of dependency injection and data binding. It is maintained mainly by Google and a community of individuals and corporations.RednWhite is the leading website for java classes in Surat.

Course Duration 2.5 Months

Course Duration 2 Hours

Course Module

Angular JS

  • Angular Importance and Installing NPM
  • Understanding Directory Structures
  • Understanding Data Binding and ng Serve Commands
  • Working With MVC(Model, View, Controller)
  • Scope and filtering(Custome filter)
  • Working with tables and select
  • Working With (HTTP) Request and Response
  • Working with DOM & ng events
  • Understanding Form and Validations
  • Understanding SQL with Angular
  • Working with Routings & Services
  • Setup Custome Template
  • Working with API and Request
    • Included in Career & Master Course
    • Personality Development
    • Entrepreneur & Freelancing

Javascript, Angular


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