Basic Computer Course in Amreli

About CCC Classes Syllabus

CCC course in Amreli has become increasingly popular for individuals seeking to enhance their skills and expand their career opportunities. With a wide options available, it's essential to choose a course that not only meets your needs but also provides distinct advantages over others.

Course Duration 3 Months

Daily Time 1 Hours

Course Modules

CCC Course Syllabus

  • Basic
  • Computer Fundamental.
  • History & Generation of Computer.
  • Operating System & Control Panel.
  • Typing.
  • Notepad.
  • Drawing with paint.
  • Word Pad.
  • Ms Word
  • Info. & History Of Ms Office.
  • Font and Paragraph formatting.
  • How to Create News Paper work.
  • Gujarati and Hindi Typing Practice.
  • Create Visiting Card, Brochure & Template Design.
  • Working with mailing & Create Official Document.
  • Working with Table and Formatting.
  • Security in Documents & Files.
  • Final Project.
  • Ms Powerpoint
  • Basic Info. Of Power Point.
  • Create Simple Presentation.
  • Working with Design Slide.
  • Animation in slide & Presentation.
  • Create Countdown & Smoke effect.
  • Project in Industry level Presentation.
  • Final Project.
  • Ms Excel
  • Basic info. Of Excel.
  • How to working with Spreadsheet.
  • Calculation in Excel.
  • Financial Formula, Data & Time Formula.
  • Data Filter and Validation.
  • Generating Purchase, sales & Stock Report.
  • Attendance Register.
  • Final Project.
  • Internet
  • Infro Of Internet & WWW.
  • Surfing and Downloading.
  • Working on Social Media and Email.
  • Online Shopping and Net Banking.
  • IRCT & GSRTC Ticket Booking

About CCC Training :

This course is a preferred choice for individuals seeking to enhance their computer skills. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced professional, the CCC course equips you with a strong foundation that opens doors to diverse career opportunities and acts as a catalyst for your continued growth in the dynamic field of technology. You can also join our c programming course in Amreli.

Computer Introduction

Overview of Windows

Learning Basic DOS Commands

Summary of word processors like MS word, Notepad , Wordpad , etc

Knowing spreadsheets like MS Excel, MS Access

Making presentations through MS PowerPoint

Introduction to internet and webbrowsers like Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera, etc

Writing emails and social media like Facebook, Instagram

Comprehensive Understanding of Computer Basics: Our CCC course in Amreli offers a comprehensive understanding of computer basics. It covers fundamental concepts like computer hardware, software, operating systems, networking, and internet technologies. By mastering these foundational elements, you gain a solid understanding of how computers function, enabling you to adapt to different technology environments with ease

Industry-Recognized Certification: The CCC course is designed to align with industry standards Upon successful completion, you receive a prestigious certification This certification enhances your credibility and validates your knowledge in computer concepts, giving you a competitive edge in the job market.

Wide Applicability Across Industries: While some computer courses cater to specific industries or job roles, the CCC course in Amreli boasts wide applicability across various sectors. The knowledge gained from the course can be leveraged in fields such as finance, healthcare, education, government, retail, and more.

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Gateway to Advanced Computer Courses: The CCC course acts as a stepping stone towards advanced computer courses. By building a strong foundation in computer concepts, you gain the necessary prerequisites and confidence to pursue more specialized areas of study.

Practical Knowledge and Skill Development: Our CCC course in Amreli not only imparts theoretical knowledge but also emphasizes practical application. Through hands-on exercises, projects, and simulations, you gain valuable experience working with computer systems, software applications, and internet technologies.

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