Node JS Training in Ahmedabad

About Node Js Course

Node.js is an organisation application structure that utilises a nonconcurrent occasion-driven JavaScript motor to foster versatile organisation applications. In the "hi world" model underneath, numerous associations can be taken care of without delay. Every association sets off the callback; however, assuming there is no work to be done, Node.js will rest.

Course Duration 12 Months

Daily Time 2 Hours

Included In This Course

  • Job Support
  • Rich Learning Content
  • Taught by Experienced Prof.
  • Industry Oriented Projects

Course Modules


  • Understanding Developer Tools And Setup Nodejs Environment
  • Installing NPM(Globally & Locally)
  • Understanding Event Emitter & REPL and CMD
  • Make server with node js and Handle HTTP REQUEST and RESPONSE
  • How to attach Server Static Resources & Middleware & File Streaming
  • Different Types of Web Application Frameworks (Express, Koa, Hapi, Others)
  • Understanding MVC Framework Express JS
  • Setup MongoDB and Connect with Nodejs
  • Callback Functionality & (Promises and Bluebird Promises)
  • Working with Different Type Module (Node Mailer, PDFMAKE, SocketIO, Passport JS, Express-session, Cookie Parser, connect-flash)
  • Installing Passport js and making Manual Authentication
  • Working with API + JWT (JSON WEB TOKEN) Management
  • REST full API (Social Media Integration – Google, Facebook)
  • Chat Application with SOCKET IO
  • Debugging of Node Js application
  • Deployment Project In Heroku



3 Months

Node.js Course Overview

In Node.js, which is open source and runs on many different platforms, JavaScript code can be run without being in a browser. This is called "outside the browser." Node.js allows developers to utilise JavaScript to create command-line tools and server-side scripting, which involves running scripts on the server before sending the page to the user's browser. Using Node.js, you can write JavaScript on a client and a server simultaneously. Node.js contains a large number of related libraries that we would ordinarily use in JavaScript for general-purpose programming.

Why is Node.js so popular?

Although JavaScript is commonly connected with the front-end, because Node.js involves it too, advancement speed and usefulness for the two groups improve drastically. Since it can deal with a similar burden with less torque, this design permits organisations to get a good deal on equipment. Learn Laravel Training Course in Ahmedabad

What types of apps can you build using Node.js?

  • Online payment solutions
  • Social media platform
  • Streaming services like Netflix
  • E-Commerce platform
  • Online publishing platform
  • Online education platforms
  • Visual collaboration tools

Introduction of Node.js

  • Setup Development Environment
  • Node JS Modules
  • Node Package Manager
  • Creating Web Server
  • File System
  • Many more……..

Advantages of Node.js

  • Outsourcing Company Requirement & Demand
  • Powerful Understanding of Student is Required
  • Latest Web Developing Tool Form Security Side
  • Angular JS is Suitable for Node.js

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