Angular JS Training in Ahmedabad

About Angular JS Course

AngularJs is a JavaScript-grounded front-end enhancement system employed to assemble single-runner operations in HTML, JavaScript, and a superset of JavaScript called Typescript. Unlike other JavaScript systems, Angular gives different highlights like HTTP administration, accoutrements, and activities that assist the mastermind with making enormous operations and reclaiming their time composing extended canons.

Course Duration 2.5 Months

Course Duration 2 Hours

Course Module

Angular JS

  • Angular Importance and Installing NPM
  • Understanding Directory Structures
  • Understanding Data Binding and ng Serve Commands
  • Working With MVC(Model, View, Controller)
  • Scope and filtering(Custome filter)
  • Working with tables and select
  • Working With (HTTP) Request and Response
  • Working with DOM & ng events
  • Understanding Form and Validations
  • Understanding SQL with Angular
  • Working with Routings & Services
  • Setup Custome Template
  • Working with API and Request
    • Included in Career & Master Course
    • Personality Development
    • Entrepreneur & Freelancing

Javascript, Angular


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