Video editing course in Ahmedabad

About Adobe After Effects Course

The Adobe After Effects training course will teach you how to make films with animation and special effects for graphic design tasks. One may combine their media, modify it, and add animation to it using a variety of tools and plug-ins.

Photoshop Course Module

  • Video Editing
  • Effect, Layer & Editing Tools
  • Working With Compositions
  • Creating Text, Video & Images Presentation
  • Rendering Video
  • Creating Double Roll Video
  • Project: Video Remix Song, Advertisement & Movie Title

About Course

To study all of these things, one may enrol in a suitable Adobe after effects institute in Ahmedabad. We also offer Adobe after effects course in Rajkot. This is a great course and Even if you are not a professional or have completed the Adobe Flash course, the Adobe after effects lessons in Ahmedabad will teach you how to programme and integrate animation and other advanced features.

What are the topics that are covered under this Adobe after effects course?

  • An introduction to adobe after effects
  • How to start in after effects
  • How to work with text in after affects
  • The course even includes shapes and layers
  • A student will get to explore animation
  • One can work with masks
  • The students will learn to animate layers
  • Introduction to all the puppet tools.
  • One can use the roto rush and create mattes and extra objects.
  • You learn to work in 3D
  • You even learn advanced creation and editing techniques
  • Rendering and exporting your work

What are the benefits of the adobe effects course?

  • One can have multiple opportunities in video editing jobs and filmmakers.
  • You can even be a video and motion graphic engineer.
  • There are various opportunities after learning this course, including television producer or even a post-graduation engineer.
  • With this theoretical and practical training, you can get the best of both worlds, and you can even choose the profession in teaching this course as well.
  • Adobe after effects can help you to get the best visual effects to increase the quality of the videos.
  • Freelancing employment for video editing and generating animated movies is plentiful, and anybody who has completed the Adobe After Effects programme can apply for these positions. You can also learn graphic design courses in Ahmedabad.

All of the aforementioned benefits are provided by the adobe after effects course in Ahmedabad, which covers all of the above topics.

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